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YES+ Youth Empowerment Seminar+
Free Your Mind, Free Your Time with Yogic Breathing, Effortless Meditation, Practical Wisdom & Secrets of the Mind.

In this event of Sri Sri visit to Portugal we will be making special weekend residential Yes+ courses, in a unique place where you can also enjoy the natural beauty of our country in Vimeiro on the Hotel Golf Mar with all inclusive.

The Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!+) is a leadership programme for young professionals to improve the ability to make decisions with confidence and clarity, reduce stress and increase commitment and social responsibility.

The YES!+ provides young adults between the age of 18-32 with tools to achieve their ideal life with ease, creativity, energy, and inhibition-free. This program challenges young people to reach their highest potential and has made a difference to thousands across the world.

Young professionals today face greater competition in all areas of life, and pressure to succeed increasing rates of depression, violence and suicidal behavior. YES!+ helps participants gain focus, manage emotions effectively and builds stronger social and interpersonal skills. Participants say they are happier, more inclined toward serving their communities and more successful in accomplishing their goals.

The workshop provides practical life skills you need at this critical stage:
  • Public speaking - how to perform well in front of an audience, under pressure (college presentations and job interviews)
  • Time-management: how to organise, prioritize.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Techniques to improve concentration, a big help when preparing for exams or getting reports done at work.
  • How to take care of your health – both bodily and mental!
  • How to be dynamic in action and calm at the same time.
Main aspects of the program
  • Physical – Fun, yet challenging exercises; powerful breathing process
  • Mental – Practical tools and interactive processes to improve memory, concentration and focus
  • Social – Processes to develop problem-solving strategies and interpersonal relationships; develop leadership skills; teamwork exercises to develop cooperation and resolve conflict
  • Emotional – Innovative games and group exercises to increase confidence, and manage challenging situations
  • Benefits
    • Opens the mind to innovative ideas, so as to fearlessly take additional challenges and responsibility
    • Ensures improved performance through heightened awareness and renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment
    • Establishes vibrancy, dynamism and readiness to change.
    • Explores the secrets of the breath that can bring a fundamental transformation in interpersonal relationships, both at school/work and in private life
    • Stimulates the intellect, triggers the mind and stretches the body.
    • Increases physical energy by bringing about greater overall balance in the system
    • Improves self-esteem and reduces stress through techniques that can continuously be utilized after the Seminar.