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Humanitarian Programs
The Foundation organizes a number of humanitarian projects, in cooperation with the International Association for Human Values. Its approach is based on a simple plan – to be available wherever, whenever and for whatever need.
Trauma Relief
In times of disaster, volunteers provide trauma relief, in addition to material aid, as it is necessary to alleviate post-traumatic stress and rekindle the survivors’ will to live. In war-torn areas, the techniques help to resolve negative emotions, such as revenge and hatred, which can hinder the path to sustainable peace.

Provided humanitarian aid and trauma relief in most of the disasters of recent times, including the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Sichuan earthquake, Iraq war, and the Kosovo war.

Prison SMART (Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training)
Prison SMART oers practical tools to inmates to handle stress and negative emotions, and break cycles of crime, violence, substance abuse and incarceration.

Prison SMART: Benefited over 200,000 inmates in 25 countries In Portugal it works with the young inmates in Navarro de Paiva Educational Center, as well as with the staff that works with them.

Non-Aggression Program (NAP)
The NAP deals with violence and bullying in schools, helping children to integrate human values into their lives. Non-Aggression Program: Taught in 31 European countries. In Portugal these programs are mainly developed in primary and secondary schools, especially with the most challenging classes.

Breath Water Sound
Uplifts individuals and communities in marginalized sectors of society: the very poor in urban and rural areas, impoverished tribal communities, and abandoned or neglected populations.

In Portugal these programs will start for the first time in June with the young ladies sheltered in Adolfo Coelho Home in Lisbon.

Awareness Campaigns
The Foundation plays a compelling role in raising awareness about global challenges. Recent campaigns in Europe include promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and environmental conservation.

With the Mission Green Earth campaign were planted 9.6 million trees (July to Oct. 2008), and pledged to plant a further 55 million trees by June 2009. In Portugal more than 1000 native trees were planted by Art Of Living volunteers in Montejunto Sierra in the outskirts of Lisbon that had suffered from a terrible fire in 2003.

10.6 million people joined the UNMC ‘Stand Up Take Action’ initiative in 2008. Since then the Portuguese Art Of Living Association regularly does this campaign, creating educational events that promote a responsabilization and specific action by the population in the matters that affect them.

Other Humanitarian Initiatives
Socio-Economic Development: Aims to eradicate poverty and disease, and ensure sustainable livelihoods:
  • Benefited over 30,000 villages in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • Trained 65,740 local youth to lead development projects
  • Farmer suicide-prevention in 509 villages in Vidarbha, India
  • 80 schools provide free education to underprivileged children in India - 45% of the students are girls
  • Built 1,650 homes and 5,966 toilets
Conflict Management: Rebuilding trust and dialogue in war zones, including Iraq, Ivory Coast, Israel/Palestine and Kosovo, and in conflict-ridden parts of South Asia (e.g. Sri Lanka and Kashmir).